Our company established a strong market position by providing a long-run high level of service and software development with the best price to performance ratio, so it has gained  very good name and trust among its customers and partners.

TatraMed Software, s.r.o. operates in the field of medical IT with a focus on the development of diagnostic and therapeutic software systems based on 3D visualization of patient image data. 
Currently, it specializes in professional counseling, scientific and research activities and in the development of highly sophisticated software for radiological diagnostics, radiotherapy and planning of surgical procedures:

  • PACS technologies of filmless hospitals
  • systems for radiological diagnostics and clinical imaging
  • secure teleradiological systems for physicians and patients
  • radiotherapy planning.



Highly skilled workers as well as an established quality management system in the company are prerequisites for using state of the art information and software technologies for the benefit of the patients, doctors and hospitals, to which we offer consulting and services.

Successful certifications carried out by an internationally recognized independent authority confirm that the processes and products of our company meet the requirements for managing the development of software systems, provided services and other activities in accordance with the relevant EU legislation and international standards.


Our professional and extensive experience is confirmed also by our partnership with several major partners who trust us. We guarantee 100% professional approach and highly skilled workers.


TATRAMED is actively involved in solving projects of prestigious consortia
within the European Union's research and innovation program Horizon 2020:


- ImageInLife (2017-2021) - http://imageinlife.eu/
Training European Experts in Multilevel Bioimaging, Analysis and Modelling of Vertebrate Development and Disease

- INFLANET (since 2021) - http://inflanet.eu
Training European Experts in Inflammation: from the molecular players to animal models and the bedside

The list of our partners includes:
Univerzity Montpellier (FRA), Univerzity Leiden (NED), Pasteur Institute (FRA), Univerzity Heidelberg (GER), Univerzity Eötvösa Loránda (HUN), Univerzity Paris Saclay (FRA), Zeiss France (FRA), Slovak Technical Univerzity (SK), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FRA), Radboud University Medical Centre (NED), University of Murcia (ESP), The University of Edinburgh (UK), Acquifer Imaging GMBH (GER), etc.

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We employ a team of top scientific, research and development workers, who are graduates of  Comenius University and of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Within the scope of our specialization we guarantee you a professional approach and expert knowledge. Our priority is the highest level of products and services provided and we do everything to make the cooperation with us the best choice for you.


Juraj Kajan

TatraMed company - Director

Peter Fekete

Neurosurgery stereotactic planning - Product Manager

Miloš Opálek

TomoCon PACS - Product Manager

Pavel Machyniak

Teleradiology system - Product Manager

Pavel Sigeti

Mobile applications for radiology & radiotherapy - Product Manager

Ján Hanzel

Quality & Security - Manager